The High-Dive Kids Bathroom




Kids Bathroom



With kiddos growing out of their childhood bathroom and trends changing in bathroom design, it was time for a refresh. A new, bright white vanity adorned with a quartz countertop created the sense of a larger space and instantly modernized the room. Textured linen flooring in blue gray tones brought in interest while not being overly loud. Polished chrome lighting, faucet, hardware, towel rings and rack sparkle in the room – a bit of bling that was welcomed. Pulling in the blue tones in the flooring plush towels lined with blue, a tasseled shower curtain and dipped stool echoed this theme throughout the room. Textured accessories were layered in the room weaving the perfect bathroom while, key, pulling in functionality. Artwork was carefully curated for this space, pieces needed to be young, playful and something that could grow with the kids that would use the space daily. These homeowners included this bathroom as one of three that were remodeled and redecorated by Christen Joy.


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